The death of a 12-year-old student, Sylvester Oromoni, of Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos has sparked different reactions among Nigerians.l

Reports had emerged that Oromoni was bullied and beaten by fellow students.

The supposed injuries from the beating led to his death, according to a Twitter user with the handle @perrisonoromoni, who claimed to be the boy’s cousin.

However, in a statement on Wednesday, the school denied all allegations stating that Oromoni was neither bullied nor beaten but only complained of hip pain after playing football.

Nigerians across social media have expressed their views regarding the situation with many claiming Dowen College had something to hide about the incident.

Image of the victim before the incident

A Twitter user with the handle @missuskike wrote that the school was trying to put some blame on the parents by indicating how long it took for the Oromoni to get picked up from the school.

She wrote, “I have a feeling that reporting that nobody came to pick the guy up after 2 days is a subtle way to shift the blame on the parents for irresponsibility. A child was playing football and shifted his hip. Why did he have to die? There is something Dowen College is not telling us.”

Another user, @denmozy, rather chose to ask questions that would lead to finding the cause of the boy’s death writing, “So what killed Sylvester? Was his death a result of the injuries he sustained playing ball and what sort of injury did he sustain?”

Meanwhile, @THEHFC11 said the Dowen College showed no remorse despite learning of Oromoni’s death even going ahead to lock their Instagram comments section.

“Fact that they went about their business on social media after the death of a student. Somehow they’re trying to cover up something more sinister. No condolences. No remorse. Nothing. Just business as usual shame,” the handle wrote.

An Instagram user, dr_morula, on the other hand, said time should not be wasted but spent on doing an autopsy to find the cause of the young Oromoni’s death.

The handle wrote, “There’s no time for back and forth stories. Do an autopsy, the forensic pathologist will expose the cause of death in a jiffy.”

However, since Oromoni’s death was announced by @perrisonoromoni, there have been no comments from his parents or guardian.



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