Dare to struggle, Dare to win


I seek this golden opportunity to appreciate all seen, unseen and forces of every Alutarian in NAAS OOU.

After my first two academic sessions on campus I felt the need not to just walk through the four walls but to give back to the school in the little and best way I could, I felt the need of an immediate restoration of the past glory in which we all yearned for as a result of the struggle of our heroes past that history has shed light upon.

After several consultation, I saw an opportunity to take responsibility to initiate a radical change in the political leadership of NAAS OOU to vie for the post of SOCIAL DIRECTOR, which was a tough nut to crack being the first experience, all thanks to the leaders I consulted before taking the bold steps, some were truthful and gave their support while some weren’t too convinced, however both halves served as the source of inspiration and motivation. My gratitude to my friends who took it like their own aspirations, the ones who stood in at places where my feet couldn’t step and the ones who spoke for me where my voice wasn’t heard clearly.

Yes, I did win with the highest vote in NAAS OOU history  however, my opponent wasn’t a loser either cos he wasn’t after the downfall of the faculty. We joined hands and history will never be written without reference to the success we shared during that time. Social life restoration was promoted in the campus which till today, I am proud of.

The next stop was the SUG LEVEL; The peak of student unionism in any varsity. The REAL movement of the student, by the student and most importantly FOR the entire OOUITES is to leave a remarkable legacy!

It was not the usual NAAS, It was a task that did ask for more courage, sagacity, standard CGPA,dedication and comradeship spirit. It went blurry at some point when the election was near but I emerged! ‘(OOUSUG SOCIAL DIRECTOR’20)

Yes, this time again, the highest polling vote of an individual  in the history of OOUSUG SOCIAL DIRECTOR . It has gone down in history and I’m proud my name was part of the history. At that point it was “DON OF AYETORO”

The success story of the aforementioned position have made the post of the OOUSUG VICE PRESIDENT a reality in my final year as a result of the beacon of hope that have been portrayed, and testimony to possibilities that we can reach as shown in the 1st and 2nd terms.

Yes, we did our best in all the opportunities given to serve as the student representatives. I feel fulfilled and I must put it out to the ones who are coming that they should build on the solid foundation that’s positive for the progress of the student welfarism. No hate, love, respect; accept defeats and celebrate victories.

I have brought my success story to black and white not to feel fulfilled but to serve as a symbol of encouragement and point of contact for every OOUITE who believe in hard work, dedication, commitment and perseverance. Do not hide under the fallacy of “you’re in school for your academics alone”. You can be a comrade and still do well in your academics; Time management and focus is the key.

On this note, I once again acknowledge the support and steadfastness of every radical, rugged, dogged brother, comrade and the entire students who made this dream a reality.

We won’t let our guards down as we step in the future, I’ll call on you all when the real politics begin. Yes, we will give back to the country together. Yes, we will. The time is near.


 Remember, If you don’t do politics, politics will do you.

Thank you.

Yours in struggle.

Comrade Shonowo Segun S. (DON)



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