Can we meet you sir?

I am Engineer Gbadegesin Oluwatosin. I’m a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University where I studied Electronics and Electrical Engineering. I also have a professional course in Solar Installations. I am the C.E.O. of TeePuff Electrical Engineering. I deal with all forms of electrical installations, solar and inverter installations.

It is rare to find graduates of electrical engineering in the practice of what they studied in school. So, what made you to practice what you studied in school? 

First, I’m very passionate about electrical engineering. I love it so much. Another is the foresight I had while I was an undergraduate. I foresaw that in Nigeria, there are no jobs available for fresh graduates. So, it is either you create a job for yourself or travel abroad where there are job opportunities. Also, Also, I have a mentor, Dr. Oreofe Williams, who mentors thousands of talents across the world at the City of Talents. He always encourage us (his mentees) to be self dependent. Eventually, I discovered that even people that are not educated in this field are making money from electrical installations. So, I thought that it would be a shame to me if I am a graduate of Electronics and Electrical Engineering and I do not practice it.

Can you tell us about TeePuff Electrical Engineering and the services you offer? 

TeePuff Electrical Engineering deals with all kinds of electrical installations. We engage in all kinds of electrical services such as house wiring (either surface or conduit). We also install solar and inverter systems. TeePuff Electrical Engineering now construct its own kind of Change Over and we also construct PV Inverter which is very rare to find. PV inverter works efficiently with the solar system without batteries.

How did TeePuff Electrical Engineering start and what were the challenges you faced or currently facing?

TeePuff Electrical Engineering started with providing little electrical services in my neighborhood and I was saving from the little earnings. I started with 5000 naira to acquire some basic tools and equipments. And God was helping me till I started getting contracts and recommendations from clients. To be the glory of God today, I now have my own office that is well equipped. My major challenge is clients. I need more clients. Recently, I installed Solar system at the City of Talents, Awo Jesu Film Estate and the management was impressed with my services. What I need now and I’m praying for is more clients so that there can be enough money for TeePuff Electrical Engineering to thrive. I don’t want to travel out of the country and take away what should be enjoyed by people here. So, I need clients.


Can you give more information about Solar and inverter installations? 

Solar and inverter installations is a solution to the problem of inconsistent electricity supply. It saves money compared to the cost of fuel for generator. It also reduces noise pollution caused by generators. Though, Solar installation is very expensive if you want a quality service. But, TeePuff Electrical Engineering has a system of making it easy and affordable for clients. A 60 percent initial payment can be made. Then, the 40 percent balance will be paid in installments based on the agreement between the management and the client.

How can we contact TeePuff Electrical Engineering?

Our Head Office is at Laderin,, Abeokuta. Our hotlines are 08071772652, 09022087073 and 09038418340.



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