The spokesperson for Atiku/PDP PCO, Dino Melaye has fired back at those faulting the presidential abilities of his master, Atiku Abubakar.

He stated that 2023 was not Obi’s time, noting that Nigerians ‘can’t have a national president in Obi’.

Dino who fiercely listed how Atiku had prepared himself for Presidency, said that Atiku was the only candidate that has updated his CV. He noted that Atiku recently obtained a masters degree in Dubai

On how Atiku would tackle insecurity, Dino opined that: “Atiku has masters and good blueprint on how to deal with insecurity. He said that Atiku brought peace in Adamawa when it is needed most.

On the character of the former vice president, Dino averred that “Atiku has never been indicted of any criminal conducts. I don’t believe in noise making, I believe in facts and figures. “Atiku is upright. He is a great man. Atiku is trusted by Nigerians. Atiku is loved by the youths of this country”

On APC, the outspoken Melaye said: “You can’t market what is not marketable”, Atiku is coming in to remove those financial scavengers and economic cankerworms. APC officials are good in giving carpentry jobs to tailors.”

Speaking on Peter Obi, Dino said: “We can’t have a national president in Obi. This is not Obi’s time. He doesn’t have all it takes to unify Nigerians. The people making noise about Obi are not following him on social media. It’s an euphoria”




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