Meet Mr Banjo Joseph aka Mr Joe,A Graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University from the department of Linguistics who just proposed to his girlfriend on the day he signed out.
We took to our Instagram page to celebrate the couples to be,you can watch the short video on our Instagram page

Here’s a brief interview of the couple to be.

Prof’lee9ja ⛱️: How did you meet your fiance?

Mr Joe: Well actually we met as a normal brother and sister in a church environment, where she stays with her elder sis.

Prof’lee9ja ⛱️:What was her response when you asked her out initially?

Mr JOE: When I asked her out, she only gave me a condition that I must be educated bcos then I was only an electrical engineer by profession

So I saw my sign out day as an opportunity to prove myself to her.

Prof’lee9ja ⛱️:How many years did you date before proposing?

Mr JOE: 5 Good Years

Prof’lee9ja ⛱️: Did she ever believe someday you were going to propose to her?

MR JOE: Well, she’s actually a decent girl right from time and told all her friends I’m d right guy for her,And someday we shall be married and never seperate again.

Prof’lee9ja ⛱️:What made you choose  her over other ladies?

MR JOE: Finally, I choose her now and I will always do bcos when I had nothing she was there to support.

Prof’lee9ja ⛱️:So what are  your advice to those who are still courting and yet to decide on how to go about their partner?

MR JOE: Firstly I’ll advice anyone in serious relationship should try to have the fear of God, because that will keep the love real, then grow to that level of proposing, marriage and all. Thanks



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