A Boy Named Lionel Messi was Born on 24th June 1987 in the city of Rosario, Argentina to a Middle Class Family. He was the Third Child Among The Four. His dad was a steel factory manager while his mom used to work in a magnet manufacturing workshop.

Messi was aged four when his grandmother saw the makings of a football star in him. Among everyone in the family, his grandmother was the only one, at the time, who wanted to see Messi become a footballer. To that end, she personally took leo to his first football training session at local football club and also persuaded Leo’s parents to get him his first pair of football boots. She had played a huge role in his Messi’s career, to the date Messi tributes his Goals to his Late Grandmother.

For the six years he played for Newell’s youth team, The Goat scored almost 500 goals. A small tiny boy used to entertain all the crowd that used to gather to watch him.

After his grandmother’s death, Leo stopped growing. At that time, his future as a professional player became threatened. The Local smaller, doctors eventually diagnosed Messi was suffering from a growth hormone deficiency disease. His parents couldn’t afford the treatment as it was too costly (around 1,000$ per month). Messi’s paternal Grandparents (who lived in Catalonia) had luck in convincing a prominent member of FC Barcelona’s management. And things worked, It was in his destiny to play for FC Barcelona, a 12 year old Messi was signed by Barça on a paper napkin.

His family then moved to Barcelona. It wasn’t easy for a shy kid like Messi suffering from a growth hormone deficiency to settle into a new atmosphere. He was homesick at the start, he didn’t even speak a word with his teammates, he was bullied at times, injections were part of his childhood, he never gave up, this kid was destined for Greatness. And Rest is Ness.

I can continue speaking about This GOAT’s Great Story from there on but I’m sure you know what followed then and how this little kid went on becoming One of The Greatest of all time.

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