It feels like yesterday that we bid farewell to an indefatigable leader, Comrade Emeka Zaddok Sheriff, yet it has been three years since he left this world. Time may have passed, but his memory remains vivid in the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to know him. As we eulogize him, we remember a true, thorough, and dependable leader, full of wisdom and an unwavering commitment to nurturing young leaders.

Comrade Emeka Zaddok Sheriff was not just an ordinary leader; he was a beacon of hope for countless individuals. His indomitable spirit and dedication to serving the people were evident in every aspect of his life. Whether it was within NANS Community or the wider society, he strived to make a positive impact.

His legacy, strong as ever, continues to inspire generations of Students leaders. The footprints he left in the sands of time serve as a roadmap for those who wish to follow in his footsteps. He was a mentor, a guide, and a friend to many young leaders, instilling in them the values of integrity, courage, and compassion.

Even in death, Comrade Emeka Zaddok Sheriff remains undefeated. His name echoes through the corridors of history, and his contributions to society are immortal. It is not just his achievements that are remembered, but the essence of the man he was – a selfless and dedicated soul who touched countless lives.

Let us take a moment to pray that his legacy never be destroyed, that the principles he stood for continue to shape the future of our nation and beyond. The impact he made during his time with us should serve as a reminder of the potential we all possess to create positive change.

As we remember Comrade Emeka Zaddok Sheriff, our thoughts are also with his beloved family. May they find strength in the knowledge that he lives on through the lives he touched and the transformations he brought about. May they continue to be blessed with abundance in all aspects of life, just as he wished for others.

In these three years since his passing, the void he left behind has been felt acutely, but his legacy remains a guiding light. May we all be blessed and empowered to carry forward the torch he ignited, and to keep the flame of his memory alive.

May his soul continue to rest in peace, knowing that his work and impact continue to resonate among us, and may we, too, strive to be leaders of wisdom, compassion, and dedication in our own spheres, just as he was in his days.
Let us remember him not with sorrow of his absence, but with gratitude for the legacy he left behind.

While we pray for the continuous repose of his gallant soul, we wish to convey our sincere condolences once again to the entire stakeholders of Zone F and Zone B which were his primary constituencies before his demise.

Leader Sheriff Lives On!

Maximum 21 Aluta Salute to our Fallen Hero!

Rest in Power, Our Leader!


Comrade Ekundina Segun Elvis
Universal Deputy Senate President,
National Association of Nigerian Students,
NANS National.



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