Nollywood actor and filmmaker Femi Adebayo Salami has discussed the extensive efforts he undertook to create his latest movie, “Jagun Jagun.”
During a recent interview, the actor said he chose to sell his own properties to pay for the movie instead of getting money from banks or people.

Femi disclosed that “Jagun Jagun” constitutes a multi-billion naira undertaking; however, he refrained from revealing the precise amount he invested in the project.
He emphasized his determination to steer clear of external funding sources and instead employed the earnings from his prior film, “Agbeshinkole,” to finance “Jagun Jagun.” Femi’s confidence in the project’s potential success prompted him to part with his own properties to back the venture.

In addition, Femi shared his apprehension about surpassing the accomplishments of “Jagun Jagun” in his subsequent project. While he initially believed he could outdo his previous film, “King of Thieves,” he acknowledged that his current venture has left him uncertain about replicating that success.

Femi also detailed the creation of the warrior school featured in the movie. The school was constructed from scratch, with Femi and his team encountering challenges when trying to purchase the land for its construction. An agreement was initially reached, but the landowners’ children reversed their decision, leading to a halt in construction. Interventions by local authorities and police were necessary to resume filming on the land, albeit without acquiring ownership.

As for the inspiration behind “Jagun Jagun,” Femi expressed that the film’s narrative drew from Nigeria’s youth and environment. He aimed to convey a social message to young audiences while incorporating cultural elements into the storyline.



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