On Monday, 4th of September, the OOU SHS (student house of senate) released a memo, which, according to a “blog”, “…duly signed by the Senate President, Dist. Sen. Adetunji Faith Pelumi known as Sen. Alfa and also signed by the Clerk of the House, Sen. Adekunle Samuel Adeshina pka Sen. Peller accused the former union president, Comrade Adeogun Feyisetan and his cohort of allegedly using there influences to cause disruption in the Union ahead of the upcoming SUG Election.”

As usual, the OOU SENATE leaders has once again dropped a targeted agenda in disguise and it’s just disgusting to see how they take members of the OOU community for a fool.
To unravel the mystery of the confusing confusion afflicting the house of Senate, allow us summarize the “memo” released by the SHS.

– The Comrade Feyi led SUG administration was dissolved on the 31 of August as scheduled.
– There was no problem or anything as to stalling the dissolution of the Administration.
– After the dissolution, the Senate sat *WITHIN THEMSELVES* to choose members of what would be the INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION (ECO).
– Within themselves, a motion was raised and it was observed that some of the SENATORS who were nominated from certain faculties(constituency) were *FRESH* graduates who haven’t even been convocated. Remember, In OOU, you are not regarded a full student until your Matriculation. Neither are you regarded a graduate until after your convocation. But that is another matter for another day.
– This motion disqualified a Senator Gbera from *SOSSA*, and Senator Mattinex from *SOSSA*
– The disqualified people are SENATORS. *SITTING SENATORS*… The SHS didn’t consider them “graduates” and thus not fit to sit as a senate member, but alas, MAYBE for selfish interests, they decided they are not good enough to be ECO members. Again, that’s their problem not ours.
– The aggrieved senators took their case up with the VC. And the VC invited all aggrieved parties, *ALL SENATORS* .
– All of a sudden, the Senate leader is fingering the *PAST PRESIDENT* Comrade FEYI, a *LAW* graduate, for his woes and inability to fix his home!
– FEYI isn’t and was never a senator.
– FEYI has done his tenure and is NOT liable to even contest anymore. FEYI doesn’t even sit with the senate during their meetings, much less have a say in their matters…

The question now is, SENATOR is calling SENATOR incompetent, then SENATOR took the matter OUT of the house to the VC, then the *SENATE LEADER* didn’t address his inadequacy in fixing his home, didn’t address his incompetency to interprete and uphold the constitution in his home, but paid *HUNGRY BLOGGERS* to look for a juicy caption so as to shift the blame of GROSS incompetence from his head to the former president. Is the President contesting second term???

Who will tell the SENATE LEADERS that *WE ARE NOT FOOLS?*

We are *concerned*.





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