The national body of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) expresses profound dismay and unequivocally condemns the reprehensible and brutal attack unleashed upon the students of Kwara State University, (KWASU) Malete, by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) during midnights operations on Tuesday 20th February, 2024 and Thursday 21st February 2024 respectively.

In direct contravention of the clear directive from the Chairman of EFCC prohibiting midnight operations, The men of EFCC Kwara State command went ahead to carry out an illegal operation in the KWASU students community on the night of Tuesday, 20th February 2024 arrested students and questioned the sources of their wealth without due invitation or following the laid down principle for such operation. It is commendable that the students of the institution valiantly opposed the unauthorized intrusion into their academic environment at the odd hours of the night.

Regrettably, the security operatives (EFCC , NDLEA and NPF) responded and revisited with excessive force, resorting to the deployment of teargas and live ammunition, reportedly resulting in leaving the students with severe injuries.

The NANS National body, while appreciating the doggedness of the school’s students’ union, the audacity of the Kwara JCC categorically condemns this flagrant violation of the fundamental rights of students and demands immediate and resolute action from the authorities concerned. We hereby articulate our comprehensive demands as follow;

1. *Independent Investigation:* We call for an impartial and transparent investigation into the incident, ensuring the full cooperation of all involved agencies and guaranteeing the thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding the brutal attack.

2. *Identification and sanctions of Officers:* We demand the prompt disclosure of the identities of the officers involved in the ill-fated operation to facilitate accountability, necessary disciplinary actions and serve as a deterrent against future transgressions.

3. *Compensation and Medical Support:* Immediate and adequate compensation must be provided to the families of the deceased students, and comprehensive medical support should be extended to those who sustained injuries during the reprehensible attack.

4. *Adherence to Ban on Midnight Operations:* We emphasize the need for strict compliance with the directive from the EFCC Chairman, who prohibited midnight operations. Any deviation from this directive should be met with severe disciplinary measures, else the students will result to jungle justice of treating them as criminals henceforth.

NANS National underscores the urgency of addressing these demands and we are issuing a 48 hour ultimatum for our demands to be addressed. We also call on the relevant authorities to act swiftly and decisively. We insist on justice for the victims and accountability for the perpetrators. NANS National will not shiver in its commitment to safeguarding the rights and well-being of Nigerian students.

We implore all concerned stakeholders, including human rights organizations, civil society, and the media, to stand in solidarity with us as we seek justice and redress for the victims of this heinous act.


Comrade Ekundina Segun Elvis
NANS National Senate President



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