Controversial social media activist VeryDarkMan
has vowed to become a crossdresser if popular
transvestite Bobrisky is not arrested
DAILY POST recalls that VeryDarkMan had
previously called for Bobrisky’s arrest for
cross-dressing, claiming that he was being
protected by some powerful politicians who are his
gay partners.
Following calls for the arrest of crossdressers in
the country, the Force Police Public Officer, ACP
Olumuyiwa Adejobi, recently explained in an
nterview that the force cannot arrest transvestites
because crossdressina is not a crime in Niaeria.
He said the force cannot act on the allegations
that some crossdressers are gay which is a
natural crime because there has not been enough
evidence to prosecute them.
Reacting in a video message shared via his
nstagram page, VeryDarkMan vowed to become
a crossdresser and use the female restroom
f popular crossdressers like Bobrisky are not
He claimed his recent arrest was connected to his
call for Bobrisky’s arrest and claims that he was
being protected by gay politicians.
He said, “When I came out of detention, I read
somewhere that it was Tonto Dikeh who detained
me. She can never detain me, I don’t care about
her connection. The truth is that I was detained
for the video I made calling for Bobrisky’s arrest
and my claims that he was being protected by gay
lawmakers. My detention is just a little sacrifice
They will still arrest me for my subsequent videos.
“Since the police say crossdressing is legal, I wll
soon start crossdressing. I will give them one
week after I drop my petition against Bobrisky.
If Bobrisky is not arrested, I will become a
crossdresser and use the female restroom.”



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