Regarding the numerous fabrications being spread by Dist. Sen. Adetunji Faith Pelumi, the former Senate President of OOUSUGSHS (35TH HALLOWED CHAMBER). Setting the record straight is therefore necessary.


In deciding how to handle the several petitions the Vice Chancellor’s office had received regarding the irregularities brought on by the closure of the OOUSUGSHS and the creation of the Electoral Commission. The Vice Chancellor invited the heads of the three branches of the OOUSUG, including Comrade Adeogun Feyisetan of the central executive council, Dist. Sen. Adetunji Faith Pelumi of the student house of senate, and myself, Hon. Justice Waliyu Temitope Azeez, of the judicial council.


The Vice Chancellor opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and reading the various petitions that the concerned students had submitted after their nominations had been rejected on the grounds that they had graduated according to the OOUSUGSHS and the Former Senate President’s arbitrary definitions of what constitutes a graduate and an Active student. Everyone at the meeting agreed that the bone of contention was the definition of who is a graduate.


The Erstwhile Senate president gave a definition of who a graduate which was adopted by the SHS to include anyone who had completed or ought to have completed their studentship year, or whose studentship is not active according to the school portal and therefore ceased to be an active student and a bonafide member of the Student Union to whom Section 2 of the OOUSUG constitution applies. The Vice chancellor corrected the erroneous definition of a graduate cited by the OOUSUGSHS. The vice chancellor stated that a graduate is a person who has fulfilled the requirements set by the school and has been pronounced to be graduate.


It was mutually agreed by all the parties present at the meeting, the Erstwhile Senate president inclusive, that if we are to go with his definition of a graduate, then he his also a graduate and thus ceased to be a member of OOUSUG as and when he was presiding on the house which constituted the Electoral commission by virtue of the Same Section 2 of the OOUSUG constitution . Thus the vice chancellor read the judgment of the OOUSUG Judicial Council which declared the Electoral Committee unconstitutional, null and void.


Therefore, whatever way the issue is being determined, it is certain that the action of the Senate president and the house cannot stand, as nothing can stand on nothing . Hence the Vice Chancellor upheld the decision of the Judicial Council which nullified the acts of the SHS and the constitution of Electoral Commission.


In determining what should be the next line of action. The Vice chancellor, welcomed suggestions from the heads of the OOUSUG present and it was agreed that the President of the Students’ associations of each faculty should constitute the Electoral Commission under the Supervision of the Directorate of Student Affairs. The Vice Chancellor thereafter promised to get in touch with the President of the Students’ associations of each faculty on the way forward. The vice chancellor also promised to do this with utmost expediency.


However, it is quite unfortunate and sad that the former Senate president, DIST. SEN. ADETUNJI FAITH PELUMI, could alter the story of what was decided upon yesterday and broadcast same to the detriment of the school officials’ reputation.










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