It’s very shameful to view some unsavory and unappetizing bc radiating and praised by some people who are not even a student of the institution, coupled by their offspring in evil plots and scheme against the freedom of the OOUSUG from their grips of evil evolution and accessibility to their erroneous and fallacious embargo.

A call for unionism won’t be scared to see an elected representatives of the students to hold the mantle of directing the successful and easy transient of power in corpulent purpose to see to equal representation of every faculty in the university.

With so many bc with illogical purposes and turning the simple purpose of returning the mantle of power into the hands of the students got some Cabals directing their evil offspring to shatter the stability and peace of the student union in view of using the medium to profound some old unknown, fabricated and evil discharge history to marr the reputations of people, I see how deep their hatred towards the growth, success, democratic and accurate progress in unionism.

A warning to all to desist from such dodgy, dicey and iffy ideas running from their ill mindset. Let the future be known this time around that their will be no more cabals to be remembered in OOUSUG, IF YOU ARE CERTAIN AND READY TO DEFEND YOUR ALLEGATIONS WITH PROVEN EVIDENCES AS A STUDENT OF THE INSTITUTION WITH NO ULTERIOR AND PERSONAL MOTIVE, then come out of the shades and be identified with your allegation.

I plead to all and Sundry, the oou students at large, the good representatives of the institutions to be united against any form of evil in collaboration with outsiders who cares not about your well-being and shun their evil ways with prayers. Pray for your representatives (in person of your democratically elected faculty president) to be strengthened and yokes plus barriers amongst them be eradicated.

Don’t forget, there will be war planned by evil doers shooting evil deeds from the dark, but they will never be successful and in view of this, they have been dropping evil bc to disorganize the union cause of their evil schemes, they have been accusing the management, accusing the Vice-chancellor, trying to spoil people’s personalities in the dark, they should be ignored cause THAT IS WHERE THEY BELONG(in the dark).

Freedom don’t come with ease, hold any students who wants their evil scheme to stand accountable cause they have evil people of such amongst the student that they use against the student.

We as students won’t let them triumph, we’ll support our own(faculty presidents,speakers that we elect to represent us) for peaceful transition process.

Victory is certain for OOU student (Victoria Ascerta).

Adeparua Toluwani Vincent
Sossa constituency Leader.



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