A picture of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, sitting on the throne of the Olugbon of Orile Igbon in Oyo State, Oba Francis Alao Akinbola, has drawn a lot of attention from social media users.

The picture which was first posted on X on Friday by the RCCG Public Relations has since gathered different reactions from social media users.

While some Ntizens condemn the cleric for sitting on the monarch’s throne, others blame the king for permitting it.

Reposting the photo on X on Sunday, an X user, animolenikun, wrote, “PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE stop disgracing our heritage, do your things and respect our culture pls. Don’t tarnish the name you have built, because if Yoruba stands up against all this act, you’ll surely regret it, sir.
“My stand on this is that Baba Adeboye is doing this intentionally to ridicule the Yoruba Obaship. If you feel disgusted about it as Omoluabi this is time for you to speak up. This is an abomination.”

Commenting on the post, another tweep, HilawJamal1891 wrote, “I feel the blame should be placed under the feet of Olugbon…on what basis would he stand up off his throne for Baba Adeboye? He should be dethroned with immediate effect.”
Niass204 also wrote on X, “I don’t have him to blame I blame our so-called Obas who decide to subject themselves to ridicule. Why would an Oba vacate his sit for him to sit on? That means HE the Olugbon doesn’t have respect for that seat.”
Posting the picture on Facebook, Deyemi Saka wrote, “I see nothing but pride in Pastor Adeboye. If he is as humble as you all claim, he would have declined this offer/gesture.”

One Oyebolaji Collins Adewale also commented, “Adeboye is an ordinary man and not a god, but he has placed himself in the position of a god by sitting on the throne of a traditional king. It is not in doubt that God comes first but Adeboye is not god.”

Amidst the knocks against the pastor and the monarch, some other social media users hold a different opinion.
Tweeting on X, Adeshorpeh0912 wrote, “If God said, kings will bow before you, the thought of man and its opinion doesn’t concern God. It is going to happen. This is a living testimony.
No dey whine God.”

On Facebook, Kaayleb Ihasabemon also wrote, “The Bible says we are Kings 👑 with Christ who’s the King of kings, so we can sit on any throne. Baba is in order, don’t work yourselves out with trivialities.”

The PUNCH reports that Pastor Adeboye, on Friday, took his church’s evangelism programme, ‘Let’s go fishing,’ to Orile-Igbon in Surulere Local Government Area of Oyo State.



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